If I had to compile a list of some of the worst games released this year, Aliens: Colonial Marines would be at the top of that list. That game is just a terrible lie and a waste of time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it killed off future titles based on that franchise. But in space, no one can hear you spin-off.

According to sources who spoke to Kotaku, a new Aliens is on the way. Called Alien: Isolation, it’ll be a next and current-gen title which is under development at Creative Assembly, the guys who happen to be behind the Total War series and also have the qualification of not being Gearbox or TimeGate.

The Kotaku source says that Creative Assembly is looking to games such as Dishonoured and Bioshock for inspiration, and that Isolation will have stealth and horror elements wrapped up in a first-person shooter.

The unlikely hero of this game? Amanda Ripley, daughter of Aliens franchise star Ellen Ripley and an untouched character in any of the expanded universe comics and books surrounding the films. Stuck on a space station, Amanda would face just one deadly Xenomorph for ‘most’ of the game, and would have to duke it out with soldiers and clones.

But most importantly, it seems that Sega has learnt their lesson after the whole Colonial Marines snafu. After the game bombed harder than an AvP sequel film, Sega held a meeting to make sure that their next game would not be so badly received. In fact, Isolation was meant to debut at E3 this year.

It’s a smart move by Sega. Gamers are still feeling the chest-stings after Colonial Marines, and the franchise is in desperate need of a shake-up that moves away from that gung-ho approach used in CM and the AvP games.

And this spin-off sounds perfect to me.

Last Updated: October 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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