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Alienware Tower Buying Guide – What is the Best Alienware Gaming Tower?

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Alienware has been a top-tier name in the gaming community for years, and their name is well known because of their high-quality products. The newer models have only continued this trend – being pre built with an eye-catching design to match. So we thought we’d do our very own Alienware Tower Buying Guide, to help you select the best alienware gaming tower for your gaming needs.

No matter what type of gamer you are, Alienware has something for you. Whether it’s a powerful gaming computer you need for working on video, or for playing PC games at home with friends and family members in tow, or you just want one nifty laptop to take everywhere, Alienware should be your first port of call.

These pre-built machines offer everything from super powerful CPUs, to industry leading graphics cards, so players can pick whichever components suit them best, without having to worry about installing anything themselves.

The Alienware gaming tower is a beast. If you’re looking for a pre-built behemoth, this brand won’t let you down. So, let’s take a look at the best Alienware gaming towers for sale…

Alienware Aurora R12 – Our Favorite Alienware Gaming Tower

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Alienware tower Aurora R12

The Aurora R12 gaming pc from Alienware is finally here, and it has been a long time coming. This latest model showcases the best that this company has to offer in terms of hardware – if you want an awesome PC then look no further! It’s also our editors favorite Alienware computer tower for sale at the moment. The build quality alone speaks volumes with its excellent durability, so your investment will last for many years while still being up-to date with all current trends towards solid state drives, or even custom storage solutions such as NVMe RAID arrays (RAID 0).

With the newest Nvidia graphics cards on board, you can experience your games in all their glory. With ray tracing technology, this PC is up for anything! With Intel processors at hand, expect nothing short of an impressive performance from this powerful machine. It is ready to handle whatever comes its way….

The new Alienware R12 is easily one of the best gaming PCs you can buy right now. With its ridiculous amount of storage and RAM, this bad boy will have no problem handling any game. These aren’t your average computers, so expect a premium price, but they are worth the extra expense.

Alienware Aurora R11

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Alienware Gaming Tower Aurora R11

The Aurora R11 is a cutting-edge PC gaming system that delivers leading performance. It includes liquid cooled graphics cards, and there are several variants for every budget, making it ideal for upgrading or getting into PC gaming for the first time.

The Aurora R11 is a great choice for any computer user. With choices ranging from starter rigs to super PCs, this desktop strikes an excellent balance of features and usability that you won’t find anywhere else.

With its easy access, interior components, and power supply unit, which swings out on metal arms, it really is worth buying. It allows users more freedom when upgrading their machines, without having to remove entire panels, or mess around inside the case too much.

The R11’s design is another step forward from the original R9. Although it retains its distinctive casing and scooped-out front, this improved model adds a new illuminatated center strip – which in certain situations which gives the design more of an antechamber feel, as if it were transporting you into some futuristic world where technology reigns supreme….

Alienware Aurora Ryzen R10

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If you’re looking to build your own Alienware gaming PC, then the Aurora Ryzen R10 is where it’s at. This particular model has an AMD-centered foundation, and comes loaded with benefits that will make future games look even more amazing! Plus, depending on what components are selected for this build (those who opt not use Intel alternatives), there’ll be no problem getting ready in advance of ray tracing, or whatever next generation game is released in the future.

The Alienware R10 is a unique PC in the sense that it has an open system for customization. The specifications are great, but there are not as many options as other gaming rigs out there. However, with some creativity, you can still find what your heart desires no matter how low-key or extravagant the setup is…

The R10 is a stunning design with an open front that serves as both an air intake and a scooped-out area. It’s also available in two color schemes, gray or white, with RGB lights for added flair.

Alienware Aurora R9

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The Aurora R9 is a beast of a PC, combining great performance and value with the best design to date. With multiple components available for customization, with future-proofing options like ray tracing, this gorgeous machine has everything you will need in your gaming arsenal right now.

Alienware has a wide selection of Aurora gaming PCs, and you can choose one that fits your budget regardless of how much money you have. It includes cutouts on the inside of the computer for easy access to components, allowing you to continue to invest in it as desired.

What’s not to love about the R9 Alienware case? It has a sleek, stylish design that is both practical and distinctive. The R9 case is a great way to protect your PC from any damage, while also giving it some character. The scooped-out front allows for PC ventilation, while also serving as an intake vent, and closing off some of these gaps is even possible.

The sculpted form and functional design make this sleek lighter weight option perfect for on-the go use or in home environments with limited space.

Alienware Aurora R8 – The Best Budget Alienware Tower

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Alienware Computer Tower Aurora R8

Stepping away from the more expensive models, it’s easy to see that even the Aurora R8 is not without its flaws. It still does a great job of being an entry-level machine despite being several years old, and having fewer options available than newer Alienware machines do today. With variants for almost any budget, you can create a great Alienware gaming tower that matches your needs. You’ll never regret getting your hands on one, because they’re so versatile.

This gaming PC has some clever features. You can swing out your power supply and make room for graphics cards. There are two full lanes for PCIe (or six if we count x1). There is also space for five storage drives, with space for 64GB of memory. There will be no shortage of updates in the future either, since there is plenty of room inside the chassis to add hard drives, and it does not take up an entire expansion bay like before.

Alienware Tower Buyers Guide

With the best Alienware computer tower, you can enjoy your game without any hiccups. It has top quality parts and a strong chassis/motherboard to ensure that nothing ruins this experience for you. 

Before making a decision, you need to know what characteristics to test. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.


Every Alienware computer tower has a solid Intel option. There is no way you will lack power, even if this isn’t the most powerful machine on the planet. Giving up things like an i7 or i9 processor could be hard for some users, but once you use an R10 or R15, then you won’t feel that bad about it (especially with all of these other options to choose from!).

One thing to keep in mind with the newer models is that they have a few more cores and threads than previous ones, so CPU-intensive tasks can really excel here compared to older CPUs!

Graphics Card

This is one of the biggest perks of going for a top Alienware gaming PC – since can get your hands on Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics cards without needing to save up for an expensive computer! Whether you want a 1080 or 1070 (or beyond), Alienware has got you catered.


Alienware has a lot of options available here as well, with base memory ranging from 8 to 32GB. As mentioned before, remember that they are unique in these respects, but you’re sure to find the right amount for your needs.

If you’re planning on upgrading down the road, then you will want to look at the Alienware Aurora R8. There is plenty of room for this upgrade compared to most other machines out there, so purchase one that suits your needs and don’t worry about it being outdated anytime soon.


As is generally the case, one of the most important things when choosing your Alienware computer is how much storage you will need. Unless you need only standard features (or buy an external hard drive), this is usually something worth paying extra attention to. This can be especially true if you want to install lots of games at once or play games online.

Each Alienware computer tower machine gives you some pretty roomy options, so don’t feel like this will hold you back at all. Whatever size (or speed) of hard drive you need will be available here.


When trying to find your perfect Alienware gaming tower, one thing that you should always take into consideration is the ability to upgrade. While different models provide varying degrees of this (and not all can be upgraded), it’s still good to know what options are available.

This option will only be relevant if you plan on using your new system for years and years…


The last thing that you should keep in mind when trying to decide on the best Alienware PC is the price. This will affect what your options are, especially since Alienware is well known for having expensive components. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into, and don’t sacrifice quality or performance for a lower asking price.

After taking all of these factors into consideration, it’s time to settle down and actually think about which one would suit your needs the most. Alienware machines are great systems, but you can also take a look at other manufacturers if their specs seem appealing as well…


Gaming PCs are an investment and pricey. They come with features to make your game-play fast and easy, but what sets them apart is their design that stands out from other manufacturers like Apple.

If you’re looking for a desktop that has the power to take on any task, Alienware should be the only brand to consider for a gaming PC. They have plenty of different builds from which to choose from, and even more upgrades, so your computer can keep up with all those intense games…

Last Updated: November 2, 2021

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