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Alienware is switching things up with a hybrid portable PC prototype

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Alienware Concept UFO

In the endless pissing war between console gamers and their bitter rivals over on the PC side of the ideological divide, both factions have their pros and cons. Consoles favour plug ‘n play flexibility, whereas anyone with enough cash investing in the PC side of gaming can build a machine that has enough raw grunt to achieve sentience and an opinion over your decision to utilise an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to play DOTA.

It doesn’t have to be this way though! What if both sides could find a middle ground, activate an armistice and come together and peacefully exist side by side? Alienware reckons that they might have the perfect solution for bridging the gap, as they’ve just unveiled a “hybrid portable” PC at CES 2020 which comes equipped with what I presume is some beefy hardware inside and potential DLC in the form of a Nintendo lawsuit:

If you ever wondered what a Nintendo Switch running on Windows 10 would look like, well there you go. Truth be told, it’s an idea that I could fully get behind: You’ve got Alienware’s…unique aesthetics, a tried and trusted operating system and the ability to grab video games from a much wider library of choices. Just imagine whipping one of these devices out while you’re on the bus and having a go at Red Dead Redemption 2 while legions of commuters jealously behold your good fortune.

Don’t get too excited though. The Alienware Concept UFO is pretty much just a showfloor oddity for now, a prototype for what could be while nicking plenty of inspiration from the Nintendo Switch along the way. “This is going to be a full PC, so that’s that’s where it’s the first of its kind,” Ray Watkins, Dell consumer product reviews manager, said to Tom’s Guide.

It runs for Windows. It’s a PC in a unique body style.

In addition to the device being properly mobile or usable on a TV via a dock and its detachable controllers, it also has a gigantic 8” screen so you’ll be able to at least read the tiny text in The Outer Worlds on this absolute unit. Nifty stuff that. If you’re a Starship Trooper and you would like to know more, Alienware will have more to say about the Concept UFO later today at a more official reveal.

Unlike the similar, ambitious Smach Z though, this thing might actually come out.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020

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