Alienware reckons consoles are becoming PCs

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There’s always been a clear distinction between console and PC gaming. Just about everything about the platforms made them complete different experiences and each met different needs. The lines between the two platforms are becoming heavily blurred as consoles are using PC tech and the PC’s UI (Windows 8) is adapting to the console look. Alienware General Manager, Frank Azor has told PCGamesN that consoles becoming more like PCs, means that PC is the platform of choice.

“If you look at what Sony and Microsoft are doing, they’re taking PCs and putting them into the living room. It’s an AMD CPU, it’s an AMD graphics card, it’s a standard desktop hard drive. It’s unbelievable,” said Azor. “That tells you that the PC is the gaming platform of choice out there, there is nothing out there that’s better”.

I can’t help but agree with him, a PC is a PC, no matter the shell it’s popped in. (This doesn’t mean I hate consoles, I love them, don’t make assumptions.) I believe that years from now, PC and console will blend into a new “home entertainment platform”, while laptops and tablets will remain for office use and the likes.

The biggest difference between PC and next-gen consoles will remain the peripherals used to play games. Which hasn’t been an issue for a long time since console controllers can be hooked up to PCs anyway. When you get down to the gist of it, both platforms have the ability to do what the other does in one way or another. That being said, PC maintains its unique ability to be built up out of different components, custom hardware if you will. This is something I don’t suspect consoles will ever adapt to.

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Azor continued to justify his statements saying:

“You’re installing games now instead of running them off the disc, because that’s the right thing to do; you’re downloading games digitally, which we’ve been doing on PC for years; they’re integrating certain TV aspects and stuff, well, ten years ago we started experimenting with media centre. I mean we can tell you how to do that on Alienware with media centre PCs during that whole time. It’s a little bit different now because the technology has matured considerably, but a lot of the innovations and things that are proven on the PC are making their ways onto consoles and the consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day.”

As machines, the PC is dominating. It’s no longer better to design machines built specifically to play games because consoles don’t simply play games anymore.”

I don’t think that Microsoft or Sony are intentionally copying the PC platform, it’s just a matter of “How can we improve our console?”. Consoles were bound to evolve from just playing games to doing so much more, and hell, why not? One might even argue that the Alienware X51 is copying consoles by becoming a smaller compact PC. I mean it does kind of look like an Xbox 360, if you really think about it.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2013

  • Lord Chaos

    All heil the master race.

    • Hammersteyn

      Isn’t it supposed to be hail? Heil was used by the nazis.

      • Lord Chaos

        Ahh, you’re right, but on the other hand, most PC gamers do have the whole superiority thing down to an art. (Edit: and it fits with master race)

        • Hammersteyn

          LOL sorry for that, I don’t know about you but for me the master race defines people who never even bothered with consoles. No doubt PC will always be the best but I feel the gap is shrinking.

          • Lord Chaos

            Would also add that to the blurry line. For people who prefer playing on the PC, like I did. Now it’s more of a genre split for me. Certain games are just more fun on console/pc

          • Hammersteyn

            Like Planetside 2 on PC and Last of Us on console. I’m playing both at the moment and I wouldn’t really want them to switch platforms.

          • Lord Chaos

            Fallout on PC and Darksiders on console.

          • Double-O-Six and a half

            Have to agree, Console forays into RTS gaming have been abysmal except maybe for Halo Wars… or possibly Tom Clancy’s End War and certain games like racing games just work better on the console imho…

            I happen to have all 3, PS3, 360 and an Alienware M17xR4 and they all have a different gaming purpose although really the line between PS3 and 360 is more in terms of exclusive titles for that particular console than any real meaningful difference…

    • Gideon Venter

      Made me giggle 8D

  • Warren Ross

    What is this “clear distinction between console and PC gaming?” I don’t agree it exists: it’s artificial. I’ve always just played games. For decades now. Sometimes it’s on a console, other times on a PC. I’ve never felt the need to consider myself loyal to one camp or another, because the “distinction” is artificial and really, irrelevant to the average gamer.

    Everyone else can discuss console VS PC or nVidia VS AMD or whatever, I’ll be over here playing games on whatever the hell I feel like playing on.

    • Lord Chaos

      Amen brother. Gaming is gaming, doesn’t matter on what.

  • RinceWind

    But is this Alien thingy as powerful as the new Xbox One and its 300,000 servers? Trololo. Nah, being serious, the PC master race have nothing to worry about. I see consoles and PCs as different beasts. When I go home I don’t want to be reminded of the last 10 hours of work I’ve just done. But that’s just me.

    • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

      consoles are good for certain games while PC is good for others. Depends on what one enjoys playing 😉

      • RinceWind

        Exactly. Like for example, if you want to play a game like Chrysis you may want to look to the PS3 as it’s RAM CRAM CPUR R2D2 is like 5 to the power or simba chips faster. So I’ve been told anyway.

        • Lord Chaos

          ROLF. That would explain all the beeping sounds coming from it then

        • Harley22x

          Hahaha at first i thought “is he serious?” then as i kept reading, i couldn’t help but laugh.

          • RinceWind

            Hahaha! What gave it away? The simba chips? 🙂

          • Captain Minion TallTwit

            Hell no, the R2D2 part for me.

          • Harley22x

            Haha, I re-read “R2D2” a couple times, then thought “maybe they’re confused, then finally read “Simba” and was like… Alright, thays funny.

        • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


      • ElimiNathan

        Cant agree with this bcos the only difference is the exclusive titles. So hook a controller up to a PC and now its good for the same games the console is ?

        • Lord Chaos

          I actually play Remember Me on PC with a xbox controller. Better graphics, but still not a good game.

    • Marc O Polo

      amen! hate sitting at a desk

  • OVG


    • Lord Chaos

      And what would they do? Rain all over our parade?

      • OVG

        They will chop our heads off

        • Lord Chaos

          And feast upon our brains

          • OVG

          • Lord Chaos

            I sometimes feel I should give people a ‘safe-word’

          • OVG


          • HvR

            And then charge us for it.

        • Slade Boender

          Unlike humans and elephants, this dude has no chin. Creepy.

          • OVG

            He has a chinstady belt in fear of not becoming the ONE.

  • Trevor Davies

    That’s why I use a PC exclusively, for the wenches.

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    Heh, we been havin it!

  • Gerhard Davids

    Wahahaha no Jaggies!

  • Tbone187

    Consoles always had the advantage of using tv sets… But with newer Tvs actually being jacked up monitors with tv cards build in, it renders a console pointless…And seeing as consoles are getting more like pc’s , it’s no wonder drm is featuring more…So is it a good thing or bad?? I reckon it’s for the worse, coz as they become more similar , it removes our choice to pick either platform based on their distinctive features…

  • Mike E. Delta

    I keep thinking the progression is too slow, we should have HAD things like this happening ages ago…reasons why PC market slowing down? The same big box over and over, gaming rigs have been the only true innovators of ALL sizes, the mainstream needed to catch up. Let’s see what happens in the next 5 years…hoverboards and self-lacing Nike’s or the tech-ending, Sword of Damocles World code? =p

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