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Alinity Divine apologises for throwing her cat during a Twitch stream

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Here’s the catch when it comes to cultivating a cult of personality through streaming: Everything you do will live on forever in infamy, whether it be picking your nose during a stream or dropping the kind of language that you’d never want your mom to see you using. Here’s a prime example of fame creating infamy: Alinity Divine or Natalia Mogollon to her parents, created a buzz online when her cat came to her for some love during a round of Apex Legends and she instead threw the furry fella behind her so that she could carry on playing.

The clip was recorded, shared online and went viral within hours as everyone called for her head. Naturally this led to that one organisation that is known for killing more animals than they actually save and who are constantly looking for 15 seconds of fame (Their organisation name rhymes with Steep Hill for the Clerical heating of flammables) decided to throw their hat into the outrage ring and demand that Mogollon be removed from Twitch.

It’s not the first time that Mogollon has been in the crosshairs for a stunning disregard of how not to treat a cat, as a previous clip from a while back saw her give her cat a taste of Vodka from her mouth. Busted and with plenty of hate thrown her way, Mogollon took to Twitter to issue an apology:

Here’s the thing: I don’t believe that Mogollon’s actions were done for teh clickz. Were these actions dumb, irresponsible and mind-bogglingly stupid to do even in the heat of a round of Apex Legends? One hundred percent yes they were, and her actions have resulted in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals being petitioned to inspect her home, while random internet strangers have also allegedly popped up to harass her.

Mogollon, to her credit, is more than open to allowing animal authorities to enter and inspect her home. Meanwhile, Twitch’s director of creative development, Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham hypothetically suggested that Mogollon be suspended for a month and be given a 90 day probation period as well, if he had the power to do so. Which is like a hundred Dr Disrespect slaps on the wrist in comparison.

Anyway, long story short: Mogollon messed up, realised the error of her ways and is dealing with the consequences of her actions while promising to change for the better. Milo the cat is still okay, and probably still loves Mogollon because cats are awesome like that and we don’t deserve them. PETA can still get fucked

Last Updated: July 23, 2019

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