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All the awesome loot of Gamescom 2015

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I love Gamescom – the epic gaming expo that takes place in beautiful Cologne, Germany. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend the event twice, and while both times had schedules fuller than Sandton in peak hour traffic (and lots of Kolsch consumption), I’ve always made the time to dash off to the merchandise hall.

It’s double edged sword really. On the one side, LOOT! On the other, the risk of starving for a year or two as I throw all my money at gear from my favourite gaming franchises.

This year was no different. I made sure I had time to browse all the stores, buy a bunch of stuff, and film enough to make you all well and truly jealous. Check it out!

Keep in mind that all I’ve shown you in the video above are the main publisher stores; Valve, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Square Enix, Bethesda, and Konami. There were loads of other, smaller stores, packed with even MORE gaming goodness.

The header image of this article is all the loot I bought back from Germany. Yeah, I have no idea how I fit it all in my bag! Anyways, it’s not all mine. Because I’m a good little cabbage, I brought a ton of stuff back for myself and friends (after they had paid me of course).

Here’s a breakdown of all the things that were bought for all of us:

  • 10 x Dota 2 series 3 plushies
  • 3 x Dota 2 demihero
  • 1 x Dota 2 shirt
  • 1 x Cloud figure
  • 1 x Barret figure
  • 1 x chocobo mini plushie
  • 1 x cactuar plushy
  • 1 x moogle plushy
  • 2 x vault boy bobbleheads
  • 2 x zergling plushies
  • 1 x Divinity: Original Sin shirt
  • 1 x Skyrim shirt
  • 4 x Heroes of the Storm vinyl figures.

SO MUCH LOOT! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to enjoy a nice meal of fresh Joburg air. At least it’s free!

Last Updated: August 21, 2015

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