All the Nintendo 3DS Specs

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Nintendo are hosting a major 3DS press conference in the very near future where we expect to be told when the device will land in Western regions along with the price.

Not to mention what the actual specs will be… however that last question has now pretty much been answered by them being leaked and posted up on a Nintendo fan site.

The important information

  • 2 x 266Mhz ARM11 CPU’s
  • 133Mhz GPU
  • 4Mbs dedicated VRAM
  • 64Mb RAM (I hoped for more)
  • Top screen is 3.53 inches with an aspect ration of 5:3
    • 800×240 pixels split for 400×240 per eye
  • Bottom screen is 3.02 inches 4:3 at 320×240
  • 2 x cameras external facing one can take 3D pictures at 640×480 (picture has 2 external ones though?)
  • 230 grams
  • 134mm x 74mm x 21mm

and the preloaded applications are going to be

  • PictoChat
  • Mii Studio & Street Pass Mii Plaza
  • 3DS Sound
  • Face Shooting
  • 3D Camera app
  • Augmented reality games
  • 3DS Shop
  • Internet Browser
  • Game Coins

So are you impressed, disappointed, uncaring? Let us know.

Source: BestNintendo3DSGames

Last Updated: January 14, 2011

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