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All the teasers for the VGA Awards, right here!

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Teasers. Teasers for trailers, which are in fact teasers for something bigger. Man, whoever came up with that idea, should be flogged, beaten and shot,  with brief snippets of that torture broadcast at various intervals to any agency who gets a similar idea in the future. The Spike VGAs are on this weekend, and like every year before it, it’s promising a few new debuts. Here’s a round up of all of them so far, because dedicating entire posts to just ten second clip would be lazy, amirite?

If you’re keen on watching a live stream of the event, it’ll be broadcast on Xbox 360 this week, the Spike.com website and Gametrailers as well. But heck, that’s why we’re here, because we’ll embed the hell out of it just for you guys.

Which game are you excited to see get a big push this year at the awards event? Tell us!

Last Updated: December 6, 2012

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