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All Xbox One consoles will be developer units

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Sony made quite a song and dance about how friendly they are going to be to Indie developers with their PlayStation 4 and Microsoft has been receiving quite a lot of negativity around their publishing model, but it all looks like it was a bait and switch as Microsoft has just knocked Sony out the park.

Apparently this was going to be their big Gamescom reveal but was leaked a little early leaving some in Redmond scrambling for more reveals for Gamescom.

According to the leak every single Xbox One will be a developers unit and will allow anyone with a bit of coding knowledge to create their own game and test it out on their local Xbox One without having to pay a licence fee or anything actually to get it going.

Now this doesn’t mean you can just stick your game on the marketplace, once you are happy with how incredible your game is you can then submit it for certification and then their will be costs incurred.

You also don’t develop on the console directly, as with all games the actual coding takes place on a PC and then ported to the Xbox One to test it out.

So this isn’t really that ground breaking but it could lead to some smaller titles making their way to the Xbox One as long as the certification costs are acceptable.

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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