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All you need to know about this year’s Telkom Do Gaming Championship

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DGC taking place at the dome

The year is slowly but surely drawing to an end. With it comes the Do Gaming Championship, a tournament that takes the best teams from their respective game and league, and puts them to the test to determine who really is the best. Here’s all you need to know about this year’s event if you plan on playing or spectating.

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First off, the DGC will be held at the rAge expo like it has for the past few years. rAge is hosted at the Coca-Cola Dome, and will happen on the weekend of the 10th and 12th of October.

There are various teams who are currently in playoffs to determine if they qualify for the DGC. Closer to the time of the event, each gaming title on the DGL website will have registrations opened for all to enter. Any teams who have qualified during the playoffs will instantly be accepted for the DGC. If all spots are filled by qualified teams, there will be no space for anybody else. However, if a game does not have its registration cap filled, the remaining spots will be filled by the next best entries based on their previous performances in the DGL.

Not sure what to play? Take your pick of these various titles:

Megarom have also just come on board, and will be sponsoring both Call of Duty: Ghosts tournaments. Any outstanding titles not mentioned above will take place in an online environment, and will be set up at a later date. Number of teams allowed per game may also change closer to the time of the event.


If you are sure you are attending, there are some logistics to keep in mind. You will need to bring your own hardware, as the above games will be taking place in a LAN environment (via Telkom Gaming)

Players are requested to be at the event to set up their computers before the competition kicks off on Friday 10 October. The doors will open at 11am on Friday 10 October and only competitors with tickets after 3:30pm will be granted entry. Teams arriving after the doors close will not be allowed to enter without a ticket, per player. One player per team can collect all tickets for that team though to ensure entry for late arrivals. Participants are also requested to have with them the flat-top, three prong plugs (normally with a red casing) so that there are no power-related issues.

Keep in mind that you will also need sign in at the front desk before the event starts. Remember to bring a copy of your ID, as well as the signed form which will be available online soon. If one of your team members does not have some form of identification, then they will not be allowed to compete. Be sure to confirm all of this with your them beforehand.


My biggest criticism of past events is that they don’t really offer much from a spectator point of view. Sure, I can get in and watch, only because I have a press pass. Other general expo attendees may miss out. It is understandable though, as there really is limited space. If you are interested in watching, spectator passes will be issued closer to the time for free of charge, provided that you have a rAge ticket. This will grant you access to the “chill room” where you can see all your favourite teams playing.

Be sure to check out Telkom Gaming if you’d like more information. I look forward to seeing some top notch games being played, especially Dota 2, but I’m biased that way.

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Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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