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Alone in the Dark 5 – Real World Rules Episode 2

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Alone in the Dark is truly pushing the realism of the game and after watching these video’s you have to believe that this game is going to be absolutely fantastic.

The physics do seem absolutely amazing and if the story and gameplay hold up to the expected promise this game is going to become an absolute must have for all gamers.

The way that you can integrate items (with the help of the most amazing tape in the world) is brilliant. I have no intention of ever using that healing spray on my self though….

Last Updated: February 28, 2008

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  1. Echo16h20

    February 29, 2008 at 18:33

    WOW!!! This is!!! looking like a must have game!!! Love the physics and the fire 🙂 (I’m a pyro at heart!)


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