Alone in the Dark a PS3 budget title?

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Alone in the Dark

This is a wild rumour that I doubt is true but we can always hope.

Gamestop, in the US, has listed Alone in the Dark (PS3) for the slashed price of $29.99 which is half the price of a normal AAA title.

Since the Xbox 360 version had such a negative reception this may be their way of spicing up the sales of the PS3 version.

Now while the game wasn’t the game of the year that I was expecting it really is well worth picking up and is a sure fire purchase at R300…

Megarom, the local distributors, have not received any information of a cut price release and as things stand this rumour is not true… However that Gamestop link says you can pre-order now to guarantee that price. This could become an expensive typo.

Source: PS3Fanboy

Last Updated: August 19, 2008

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