Alone in the Dark – Limited Edition Details

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Alone in the Dark limited edition pack 

The publishers are getting quite good at setting up limited edition packs now… or it’s purely down to the fact that I am dying to get my hands on this game.

Either way this looks like a must have for any alone in the dark fan. The pack is going to include.

  • 15cm Alone in the Dark Edward Carnby Figurine
  • Alone in the Dark Artbook
  • Bonus ‘Making Of Alone in the Dark’ DVD
  • Alone in the Dark CD Audio Soundtrack

I think anytime a Audio CD is released with a game is a sure fire sign of some awesome music being included with it… and I have to admit I am getting into this whole action figure idea…

Alone in the Dark is being released locally on the 20th of June (PS3 version delayed)… 4 days before the American release which just makes me happy for some arb reason.. It’s nice not being on the short end of the stick on this one. – Alone in the Dark – Limited Edition Details

[Thanks to Zyon for the tip]

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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