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Always on Xbox One.. the numbers don’t make sense

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My wife complains that I’m overly logical; I struggle to understand emotions and pretty much everything I do is based on logic. I have no problems understanding a vast majority of criminals and evil people as their actions are often overly logical and they are simply missing the fact that they can’t control the world.

But I have to admit I’m seriously struggling to come to grips with the Xbox One announcements we’ve heard. I just can’t find the logic in what Microsoft is doing and the more I read and the more I think about it the worse it all starts becoming.  Today I was reading another article where Microsoft was boasting about their figures for the Xbox 360.

According to Microsoft (pinch of salt and all) they have sold over 77 million Xbox 360’s to date and have a whopping 46 million Xbox Live members. And that’s not Xbox Live Gold members those are simply membership numbers. So if your Xbox 360 is connected to the Internet you can get a free silver account, and the Xbox pushes you to do it, in a few clicks. Not to mention that my Xbox 360 has 4 Live memberships on it.. a Gold for me and 3 silvers for the family.

It’s been a while since I was in school so forgive me if my numbers are wrong but 77 000 000 – 46 000 000 = 31 000 000. That’s at least 31 million Xbox 360 owners out there who for some reason or another haven’t signed up for Xbox Live. So the Xbox One will theoretically shut out nearly 40% of the current Xbox 360 audience.

Ah but I can already hear the Microsoft defenders saying that most of these guys and girls aren’t signed up because they don’t see the need, not that they can’t.

So let’s do a quick exercise, here is a list of people who will very likely not be able to play on the Xbox One

    1. Soldiers on Duty
    2. Mine Workers on site
    3. Ocean bound workers, oil rigs, trawlers etc
    4. Farm workers
    5. People with holiday homes in the mountains, bush, wilderness
    6. Communities who recently suffered a natural disaster
    7. Schools
    8. People who have moved house and are waiting for Telkom, AT&T, BT etc..

Why on earth are Microsoft pushing a solution down that ostracises 40% of their current user base and rejects some of the most respected people on the planet? The mind boggles…

Last Updated: May 24, 2013

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