Amazon decides the Gamecube is now next gen

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Seeing that the Nintendo Wii is so difficult to get hold off it seems that Amazon has found a new way to ship Next Gen Nintendo Consoles…


Though it looks like a toy, don’t be fooled: the Nintendo GameCube is a powerful video game console that rightly deserves its place among the other next-generation game systems. In fact, its playful, appealing design and small size (the unit is a not-quite-cubed 6 inches) aren’t the only features that set it apart from the others

Now while the Gamecube is a very nice system I think it may be a slight stretch to be classing it as next gen… now if that image above isn’t clear enough here is the blurb in a nutshell (click above image for full picture)

Nintendo’s gamecube packs next-gen power into a streamlined system [blah blah blah] And all official Gamecube games are compatible with the Wii..

Which kind of proves that this is a new advert and whoever posted it needs a refresher course in gaming consoles. Gamecube Console Platinum: Video Games

[Thanks to Freddie for this tip]

Last Updated: December 18, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • doobiwan

    Well if it’s the same hardware as the Wii, just slightly tuned down, why not? 😉

  • Kerberos

    Reading over the blurb again, it appears this was left over from the Gamecube launch. Amazon rarely updates it product descriptions.

    Seeing how several paragraphs are devoted the transition from cartridges to 3inch, its aimed at old school nideto buyers, thinking about making the leap into the ps2/xbox/GC leap.

  • scotty777

    lol… and the sad thing is that people don’t think enough to question this… so I bet there’s gonna be a fair bit of unhappy kids this Christmas as mommy and daddy bought a GC instead of a wii or ps3

  • Abev

    Is the Wii next gen?

  • LazySAGamer

    @Kerberos, It can’t be left over from the Gamecube launch since it says “All games are compatible with the Wii”….

  • baba

    Good question.

    It is definately next gen in the sense that it came out in the same generation as the PS3 and Xbox360.

    I wouldn’t mind having one…

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Actualy, if there is one console that deserves to be called “next gen” it would be the Wii. The reason I think so is because of the inovation in the Wii regarding gameplay. All that the PS3 and Xbox360 did was to increase power.

    Another thing that puzzles me is why people are saying the Wii is not “next gen”. Whats the minimum requirements of being “next gen”? By definition the Wii is “next gen” because it is the next iteration by nintendo. The only question is if it is a good next gen system. For nintendo, its excellent, the probably cream their pants when looking at sales charts, for hardcore gamers it’s not good. Maybe next year when there’s a larger library of good games for the Wii.

  • Abev

    So then what about the new telegamestation?
    It came out at the same time!
    In my opinion the only next gen consoles are the xbox and ps3

  • SlippyMadFrog


    Define a next gen console

  • doobiwan

    To be technical, all are “next gen” because they’re succeeding products in a line. They could release Xbox 3 as a toaster, it’s still technically next gen.

    The Wii is not revolutionary either, motion controls have been around for ages, they’re just implemented them the best.

  • SlippyMadFrog

    Thanks doobiwan, that’s the point I was try to get at.

    The Wii is just as much revolutionary as the Xbox360 and PS3. They all took “last gen” features and bettered them.
    Xbox360, PS3 -> Graphics, on-line play
    Wii -> Motion Control, social gaming

    Wii deserves it’s place next to the PS3 and Xbox360 imo

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    minor semenatic correction peeps.
    Wii, 360 and PS3 are all current-gen.

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