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Amazon fires driver who drove off with a PS5 birthday present

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The silly season is upon us, and while people in coastal cities will probably deal with far fewer people from the Transvaal traipsing about barefoot in their shopping centers, it’s likely going to be business as usual in the retail side. Pour a drink out for those employees who not only have to risk their halth, but also their sanity when Mariah Carey’s cursed Xmas single is played in the mall 23 septillion times a day.

If you’re braving the crowds to appease your young brood, they likely have one hot ticket item on their wishlist this year: A PlayStation 5. Sony’s new console is rarer than accountability in politics right now, and stock won’t be refreshed locally for a while. Outside of dealing with scalpers, it’s not going to be easy getting your hands on a PS5. What do you do? The answer is not thievery.

Over in the UK, land of bots where a calculated effort snapped up 3500 online sales of PS5 consoles because bastards, one Amazon courier was caught committing a war crime. Captured on CCTV, the driver allegedly made off with a PS5 that was intended to be a gift for a young lad who had turned 16 on the day that the PS5 launched there according to Eurogamer.


The problem started when the recipients of the PS5, Jenni and Richard Walker, contacted Amazon and got greeted with the usual lip service from the complaints department. A refund was offered but the Walker family refused it as this could have led to Amazon saying that it had done its job. A £5 gift voucher in compensation was also offered, and this eventually raised to £50.

Walker’s daughter even rode to the local Amazon depot, showed the CCTV footage to the boss of that location and this resulted in the driver being fired. “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers,” Amazon said in a statement to Oxford Mail.

The delivery associate will no longer be delivering on behalf of Amazon.

Amazon’s had a hard time with the PS5 launch. Some customers have received nothing at all, others got other alternative items instead of the console they paid for, and scalpers used a sophisticated network of bots to buy up all the PS5 stock and cash in on technolust.

Last Updated: November 27, 2020

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