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Amazon lists a hefty price for the PS5 console, but don’t crap your pants just yet

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Today’s the day lads! Tonight, Sony finally lifts the veil on their plans for the next generation, and one thing is for certain: It’s going to cost you many pretty pennies to get in on that action from day one. Global retail  juggernaut Amazon appears to have the console up for sale already, and you might want to sit back and not be sipping on a tasty beverage when you see the price that they have the PlayStation 5 listed at:

That entry came from the Amazon UK shopping app via Internet gumshoe Wario64, but calm down as many a red flag was raised with that post. First off, is the fact that the listings can no longer be found on the store’s app or website. Then there’ the fella who actually pre-ordered the device from that link, who made use of two nearly identical links to do so: 2020 Dummy ASIN Sony PS5 1 2TB and 2020 Dummy ASIN Sony PS5 2 2TB. It’s a bit strange to have identical listings like this, as Games Radar pointed out.

With a placeholder price of £599/$750, that would work out to R12 500 in a rough conversion, which wouldn’t even be the final price if it were true thanks to the added costs of importing and taxes. Some experts still believe that the PS5 console will still retail for around the $500-$600 mark, as the internals inside are proving to be a costly upgrade when compared to previous consoles.

Sony has already confirmed that a base model PlayStation 5 will have 825GB of super-advanced solid state drive technology to play with, and they’ve yet to mention the device being available in a package that chucks in a larger SSD. For the record, Sony has advised that consumers store their unused games on an external hard drive, copying over the relevant data between storage hubs depending on which game they want to play so that they can make use of the advanced technology that will define the PS5.

Only Sony knows just how much the PS5 will truly cost, a figure that many fans are hungry to see revealed tonight alongside the showcase of next-gen games.

Last Updated: June 11, 2020

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