Amazon uses gaming veterans to spearhead PC development

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Amazon is a household name. Beyond being a global shopping site for everyone except South Africans, it offers tons of digital enjoyment too – I don’t know where I’d be without Kindle reading. Now they want to get into PC gaming and they’ve already enlisted veterans from some tops gaming studios.

Over on Gamasutra, Amazon is trying to get attention from developers. They even have this sponsored post pointing people to their job opportunities and using some weird phrasing:

The team is made of former Portal, World of Warcraft and BioShock creators, and we’re building a team of top talent for an ambitious new PC game project using the latest technology. Our team in Seattle has worked on a lot of other great titles like Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Dota 2, Halo, Infamous, Shadows of Mordor and The Last of Us.

If you want to be on the tip of the spear for game design and technology, contact us. We want people that are driven to make the best games in the industry. We’re looking to take interesting risks, and invent!

Portal, WoW, Shadow of Mordor and The Last of Us? Those are some impressive names to throw around and I’m excited to see what exactly Amazon is working on to get into the PC gaming space. Unfortunately, I just wish whomever posted the listing actually ran it past an editor first – the tip of the spear for game design and technology? As for the actual job listings, they are looking for almost everything – from graphic designers to developers, lighting engineers and level designers, it seems that they need an entire compliment of game developers to make whatever it is they want to work on. While we have no idea what type of games they might be working on, it’s at least encouraging to know that they’re jumping into PC gaming and not just adding to the overly saturated free-to-play mobile market.

Last Updated: June 8, 2015

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