AMD jumps into the PC vs Console war

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As we know by now, AMD is manufacturing the CPU/GPU for the Xbox One and PS4.  Nvidia has been critical of consoles lately, saying that they will be out of date and that mobile devices will surpass them.  AMD just thinks they’re bitter.

Nvidia may have claims that profit margins were low in the console business, but AMD’s PR lead, Robert Hallock believes:

“The position seems a bit like sour grapes to me. The reality, according to industry legends like John Carmack (citation), is that the standardization of console hardware will, in his words, ‘make it cheaper and easier to develop games for multiple platforms.’

“… That will improve the quality of games as devs spend time polishing them, rather than juggling architectural particulars. We are very proud to help enable this sort of ecosystem for game developers, and excited that such an ecosystem runs almost unilaterally on our hardware. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly cede such a favorable situation.”

I’m a big fan of AMD.  Beyond the fact that they’re making an awesome product for consoles, they make fantastic products in general.  They even make the graphics cards for my precious Mac computers (SNEAK EDIT: This is where you can make fun of Zoe for not having a real PC).  

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What do you think?  Is this just throwing flames on the fire, or reigniting the AMD vs Nvidia debate among the “master race” of PC gamers?  AMD has a lot to gain from this deal with Xbox One and PS4 – maybe Nvidia is just jealous.  But if so, why didn’t they bid for it in the first place?

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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