AMD: Next-gen consoles not just PC’s in a box

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The specs of the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft both use bits of AMD hardware that have very similar PC analogues, leading many to believe that the next generation consoles are little more than mid-range PC’s in a fancy branded box. That would be silly thinking, says AMD.

Speaking to Gamingbolt, PR Lead for Gaming and Enthusiast Graphics at AMD Robert Hallock said that it’s just “patently untrue” that the next-gen consoles are PCs-inna-box.

“People often compare the hardware of the next-gen consoles and the PC, compare specs on paper, and conclude that these consoles must be “PCs in a box.” That is patently untrue. While there are many commonalities, there were platform architecture decisions made for the consoles that set them apart from the PC in a significant way: how developers access the hardware, the Xbox One’s ESRAM, and the PlayStation 4’s UMA are all powerful examples of such decisions.

That’s all good and well, but how would they compare, if you attempted an apples-to-apples comparison?

“It remains to be seen how PCs and consoles will compare from the perspective of image quality–the consoles haven’t launched, after all–but we can certifiably say that the industry’s baseline image quality will make a quantum leap with the arrival of DirectX 11 in the mainstream. These next-gen consoles are working with state-of-the-art hardware: programmable shaders, large vbuffers, significant GPU compute resources and so much more.”

So it seems, even though the consoles are running modified bits of AMD hardware, those modifications make a big enough difference. Possible. Usually, when new consoles launch, it takes a little while for PC’s to catch up to them in terms of general fidelity, but from everything I’ve seen, that won’t be happening this generation thanks to some rather incredible, but rather incredibly expensive advances in PC gaming graphics technology.

Last Updated: August 26, 2013

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