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American sales for the week ending the 12th January

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The latest US sales are out and the drop in numbers is quite impressive. The biggest loser of the lot is the Wii that dropped a whopping 65%. You start to wonder if the casual gamers have all got one now…

The hardware figures are

360 – 80,467
Wii  – 65,691
PS3 – 49,633

You can’t read anything into it though since the numbers are very low (for the US at least), however taking a look at the software sales charts at the moment and you start to see why Microsoft are so confident.

In the top 50 they have 7 titles that have sold over a million in the States alone. The PS3 has one which is Motorstorm, which is also its leading title coming in at 14. The 360 has 5 titles in the top 10 making it the clear leader at the moment.

One thing for certain is that neither of the three are going anywhere anytime soon.

VG Chartz | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: January 16, 2008

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