American weekly sales – The return of the Wii

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So the Wii hasn’t been doing that well in the US since christmas which has led everyone and their mother to start proclaiming the death of the Wii.

So what better way for Nintendo to respond than to post an increase in sales of 251%… That’s not a typo… Obviously they have sorted out their supply problems and things are once again back to normal.

In related news I am dissapointed at the low sales for Burnout Paradise City even though it wasn’t a full week it only moved 67k units on the 360 version and 30k on the PS3 version.

Lets get to the numbers

Wii   – 145,045 (+251%)
360  –   81,167 (+19%)
PS3  –   51,322 (+13%)

Wii  – 1,018,129
360 –   888,917
PS3 –   385,656

At this rate it seems like Nintendo has won worldwide with the 360 taking second in America and the PS3 taking second Japan. It’s only Europe that is close at the moment with the PS3 leading from the 360 at the moment.

VG Chartz | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: January 31, 2008

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