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Among Us hits 1.5 million concurrent players two years after release

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Who doesn’t enjoy a great underdog story? Whether we’re talking about No Man’s Sky or Final Fantasy XIV, seeing a game rise from the dregs of mismanagement and poor design into a quality product…well, it’s just so fulfilling, isn’t it? Among Us technically didn’t do anything wrong when it launched back in 2018, it also really didn’t gain the traction a party game based around deceit and lying needed to stay relevant. Yet two years later, almost out of nowhere, Among Us has skyrocketed to being one of the most played games on Steam, with the number of simultaneous players easily breaking the one million boundary.


Among Us is really just a game of Werewolf but in a more intergalactic sense. Staged on a space ship, players are tasked with running around and completing chores while some clandestine imposter goes around and tries to sabotage the ship or kill all the active participants. It’s a wildly simple game in both concept and graphics but that hasn’t stopped it from growing to be a massive success on Steam and Twitch, with 91.2 thousand viewers enjoying streamers accuse other players of lying. The game’s become such a success that the servers are dying. Developer Innersloth tweeted out this weekend that the, “Among Us servers are filling up again! We’re hitting 1.5 million players online at the same time! We’re slowly getting the hang of things but please bear with us! We’ll get through this.”


Which is a pretty great problem to have for a tiny indie game released two years ago. While it’s still doing gangbusters on Steam, plenty of those players are probably also on the free mobile version of the game. Honestly, I don’t think the development team of three friends in Washington cares all that much. They’re probably just stoked to see people finally loving their game.

Last Updated: September 9, 2020

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