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Tormented Souls Back on for PS4 and Xbox One

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Well, it would seem that fans are being listened to, after all. Who would’ve thunk?

Back in August 2020, Tormented Souls, a new horror survival game, was announced by developers Dual Effect and Abstract Digital works, along with publisher PQube (LOL…PubeCube… Yes, I’m such a child.) for the PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Switch.

Here is a look at the game:

In February 2021, the game was canned for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms, in favour of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Well, you can kind of guess what happened next. Hell hath no fury, than a gamer scorned.

Pitchforks and torches were duly whipped out. And rightly so in my opinion. Especially when the Switch, which is technically inferior to the PS4 and Xbox One, version was still on.

PQube *giggles* has since announced on their Twitter account, via a tweet you twit, that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are back on.

Unfortunately a release date hasn’t been announced, only that it will be in 2021.

Last Updated: July 27, 2021

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