Amy devs want you to decide the price of their game

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January is one of those months with a rather sparse selection of games arriving. Fortunately, gamers have access to a robust marketplace across all major platforms, with a wide variety of genres and games to dip into at a lower price on any given day.

One of those titles has to be the digital horror game Amy, which launches on Wednesday. Xbox players will be able to purchase Amy for 800 MS Points, but it seems that Playstation owners wanting to get in on the action will have to fork out a little more cash, as Amy will set you back $12.99.

Needless to say, PS3 customers are not happy about this, and it’s a sentiment that’s shared by the developers themselves, Lexis Numérique.

“The issue we have to deal with is that a price in MS points doesn’t have the same value in all countries. Indeed, because of fluctuations between the dollar and the euro, 800 MS points are currently worth $10 in the US but €10 in Europe, which is about $12.8”, CEO José Sanchis told Destructoid.

“As we have the same price in MS Points in all countries, there will be a difference of pricing whatever decision we make between countries and/or platforms. this is due to the fixed values of MS Points globally, and the fluctuations of currency value around the world.”

Sanchis has invited gamers to petition a price cut for the game on the Sony Network, through votes on a Facebook page. Currently, the votes are weighing in at over 70% in favour of a discount, although this would also result in the game being slightly delayed from it’s original launch date.

Last Updated: January 9, 2012

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