GTA V may be a murder simulator with fast cars and loose morals, but at the heart of it all, it’s always been about one thing: Money. There are plenty of ways to make some fast cash in GTA V. But this method might just be the easiest way to keep your bank balance happy and full.

Here’s a  video from the SomeFilthyCasuals showing just how easy it is to keep on making cash all the live long day.

Can’t watch it? Then here’s the short and sweet of it. Go to this point on the map:

GTA Cash

Dive underwater until you reach the airplane wreckage and pick up the cash. Now stay there, switch to another character and then immediately switch back to your buccaneer. You can make plenty of moolah with this method, and it has yet to be fixed as of the time that I wrote this.

Or you can play the stock markets. Just don’t listen to Geoff when he tells you what to invest in. I have 5000 shares of piss-water beer that even hipsters won’t drink, and my portfolio is going nowhere.

Last Updated: September 20, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia's M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • MacDoodle

    Nice gonna do this tonight 🙂

    • swap arms occassionally

      I bet your arm will be tired

      • MacDoodle

        Not if I swap arms occasionally 😉

  • Rincemetimbers

    Nice! I actually have no clue how to make money, only 5 hours in, and only jobs? Can’t I sell cars or something?

    • SaintsRowMurray

      You can sell your body…

      • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V


        • not that funny

          hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😐

      • Sageville

        True, but isn’t it embarrassing when he has to ask his tricks if they can break a tenner?

        • SaintsRowMurray

          I lolled!

      • Laurence Gaat Je Nix Aan


    • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

      I kill people… And helping people who get there bags stolen and then keep money for myself! scored 1500 like that last night, and stole the one guys bike! hahaha after shooting him in the leg that is 🙂

      • Rincemetimbers

        HAHAH! I feel bad when I run people over! I need to get that ‘moral’ shit out the way. Suggestions?

        • DarthofZA

          Do it a lot until your conscious no longer exists.

          • Johnbacca

            Spoken like a sith

        • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

          Be the criminal! Feel the evil inside brewing.. Let it out.

          • Rincemetimbers

            Yes master.

          • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

            That’s right boy!! BOW TO MIGHTY TIMMY!!!

          • Pthang

            tim? is that you? i thought you had just bought a thrustmaster not GTA V.. ??

          • Buddy

            No way BUD

          • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

            Seriously at first I felt bad taking the ladies handbag, but when I saw 1500 I just ran away! In Gta v its all about choice! eg. Will I stop that car and hijack it and drive away or Hijack it and run over the person then drive away..

          • p string diva

            is that what that feeling is? i thought it was just seamen ifrom my bf

        • Skilik

          I hear my little ponies is coming out with a game, you could wait for that.

          • i REALLY love my little ponies

            I’ve searched Amazon and can not find this game, could you provide a link

          • Danny P String

            Still no link my friend

        • Sageville

          Just imagine they cut u off in traffic and… shhooop, there goes the morals out the window.

          • Pstring

            Just imagine if they cut my hair

        • Marius S. Moe

          Play a lot as Trevor. That psycho will either make you hate him, or will pull out your videogame morals with a plier.

        • joemichaelson

          should have given the bike back.. that dude gives you 100 000 dollars of shares in his company.

        • lol

          Well its a game so who cares

        • Pstring

          practice this in real life until you can perform it for real on the game.. thats what i do

          • Pstring

            I’m growing my hair

      • GBshooter

        you know if you get him his bike back, he owns animalark in the stockmarket and gives you 100,000 shares you can sell immeadiatly

        • anon823636

          How do you get the money? I got that email. But where do i sell out my money, can you explain it easy for me.

          • John Lisby

            Go to the money category on eyefind, view portfolio and sell what you have. There are two stock websites, u may need to check both

      • The Law

        Sucks to be you for being a dick all the time…
        You know that guy’s bike you took? He later contacts you giving you 100k in stocks in his company.

        • slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp

          sucks to be you for sucking dick all the time my friend………….. SLURPY TIME

      • will

        you lost out on 100,000 by not returning the bike, the guy was the CEO for AnimalArk. he gave me 100,000 in stocks

      • bmc zombie

        that guys bike you stole was actually a millionaire and he gives you $100,000 in stocks for his animal food business. just sayin…..

        • Pattrick

          animal farm? what stock market is that pc cases??

      • Trevor

        You should of returned that bike. Dude gives you 100k in shares

      • Jordan

        This one guy I recovered his bike for gave me $100000 with of animal ark shares

      • CalvinsJohnson

        you fucked up…if you woulda gave back his bike he would of given you 100,00 in stocks

      • gjgjdfk

        haha you idiot, the bike guy gives you $100k in stock.

      • wizardssleeve

        that guys bike you stole gives you 100,000grand in his animalark stocks

        • TiMsTeR1033

          I know, I redid that part and I got the shares.

      • THO453

        i gave the bicycle back to the person and its turden out he was really rich so he gave me 100000 buck the day after

  • George

    I don’t know, but I don’t really like using exploits in games, even in single player. It just feels like the game wasn’t meant to be played like that and it sort of spoils it for me.

    • Skilik

      then dont go searching for infinite money hacks and cheats, problem solved!

      • Truth_Hurts

        The title of this article is “an easy way to make infinite cash.” He may have just been searching for “easy way to make cash.” Neither implies a hack or a cheat until one has read the resulting article.

        Additionally, since when does someone’s reading of an article imply they were “searching” for the information in the article? I’ve licked on links online hundreds of times that are only peripherally related to what I’m looking for at the time. EG: If I’m looking for information on the upcoming Star Wars films, and there’s a link regarding Abrams’ Cloverfield, there’s no reason to assume I was looking for Cloverfield.

        To paraphrase: Your comment is illogical, incorrect and unnecessarily smarmy. In other words, a typical internet response.

        • Debo

          Wow, the fact you wrote that diatribe on his smarmy reply, makes yours equally as smarmy. Trolls on trolls haha.

          • troll orgy recorder

            on top of trolls, its a troll orgy… which gets messy my friend and I should know

    • Deano

      Im with you on that, even now that I know about it I wont use it.

      Rather play the game the way its ment to be played so much more rewarding when you buy that expansive upgrade or weapon.

      • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

        So true… I have yet to upgrade my cars properly though, money is not so easy to get in the early part of the game.

        • Pstring

          try the night time? that may help in the later part e.g. after 9pm

    • D


      • George

        For a second there I thought I was reading the COD comments.

        • Buddy

          Working in a fish and chips shop?

      • Enlightened909

        Actually, the “pussy” is the person who would rather cheat through something than actually earn something. But what else should we expect from a typical entitled, internet bravado moron these days.

        • Buddy

          Actually, the “pussy” is a slang term for the female genitalia (commonly known as the vagina) … or a cat

      • BUD


    • Marius S. Moe

      A better way in my opinion, save up some money by doing jobs, then do assassinations with Franklin.
      When you get the mission description, follow closely, and youll know which stocks will go up as a result of the assassination. Then, on your way to the hit, buy all the shares you can, perform the hit, and sell the stocks after a couple of days.

      I did a 200.000 investment on the first hit, and got 70.000 dollars extra when i sold everything the next day.

      • save up some money doing jobs

        yeah i did a few jobs.. i painted my nans shed and cut my neighbours lawn to buy this game 🙂 i also bought some socks i believe thats what you are trying to say.. no T in socks my friend

        • BUD

          I also had to save up to get this game, the last bit of money came from my old friend neighbour over the road. I had to polish some old bottles of white fluid, thank god for Mr Master Bates

          • Pattrick

            I wouldnt be suprised if he made you do this blind folded.. are you sure they were bottles?

          • Pstring

            Imagine if they cut my hair

    • Truth_Hurts

      Agree 100%. pay no mind to the selected children criticizing your choice below. Someone will dangle a shiny object in front of them and they’ll be distracted soon, anyway.

      • Dannyp

        ewwww that sounds like child services needs to be contacted here… shinney objects?? infront of children??

        • Pedro

          Shiny or slimy?

  • Sageville

    The only money making tip I have is to keep tabs of which company/business you are robbing/killing/framing etc and play the stock markets with that inside info.

    e.g. U have to assassinate some cell company CEO, so you find it’s competing company and buy their shares, after u kill the guy your stock gets a nice big boost.

    Probably basic stuff everyone knows.

    • Skyblue

      Nah man, don’t cheapen it, thanks for the tip!

      • David Edward Lowe

        Stock market? What the …….! I’ve done about 40% of the main missions and I didn’t realise you could buy stocks, damn I need to have a look on my phone, see what else I’m missing out on.

        • help me please

          you need to use your charecters phone not yours!! i made that mistake now im £20k in the shit

  • Pearlols

    I felt bad at the end when you’re Franklin and you have to choose between killing Michael or Trevor. Or there is the deathwish option.


      Fuck you…Just…Fuck you… Spoiling dick!

      • Pstring

        Spoiling the taste?

    • ihatethisguy

      who the fuck would put a comment like that up when this game is so new… such a fucking shit head

  • Hank Oswald


  • Da Fencer

    By investing smartly I just made around 150 million between the three protagonists in about ten minutes.. no spoilers here, but it isn’t even hard to do. And I’m not stopping since my stock is still rising. Every now and then sell all the damn stocks and rebuy with the profit you make. Works like a charm.

  • dan

    I found the money but by time I got to it I ran out of breath and died. “/ oh dear

  • Sultan

    Nice truck dude thx I got a lot of money! ;D

  • Kay Gr

    I can’t find it what so ever, I found some ammo but no money. I searched all around the plane :/

    • pstring-thing-thong

      did you try the cock-pit?

      • Kay Gr

        Don’t think so. I found another underwater place which overs 25K each time so just use that instead now 🙂

  • ss

    just use the stock market ? 0_o

    • James Fields

      I only play to shoot squirrels and shoot over the sharks

  • Avithar

    money is hard to come by in this game i am at 59%, each character owns 1 or 2 properties in the city but making cash is no easy…

  • Yo mama

    Nice it works.

  • rob

    dude I can’t even pick the money up

    • TiMsTeR I miss Gta V

      Rather just get money the real way, don’t cheat man.

  • trevor

    i will buy you body boys

    • bsting/bstring

      you can buy mine

      • bsting/bstring

        I’ll have to wash them out first though

        • bsting/bstring

          There ass holes that is

  • fucker

    You and your suggestions go to HELL

    • Dannyp

      i suggest you calm down

  • Julien

    Can’t raven find it under water

  • Woodzy

    don’t steal the guys bike (the one who gets it stolen) – if you return it you get an email few days later and the dude wires you $100,000! true story!

  • Jordan

    I keep getting advice in shares that don’t exist?

  • stacker069

    Can I buy cars or any vehicle and where can I buy at?

  • Be Ligerentzero

    nice one. The weapons scattered down there respawn simply by surfacing too. I found an RPG and I believe it was the carbine in the same area. The Rpg is near the underwater arch, the carbine back near a rock formation on the opposite side of the plane, both visible from the brief case. There is also a shotgun near some of the other wreckage but you’ll likely have plenty of ammo for that already. Was able to stock up RPG’s well before they were in the Ammunations. =)

    (I grabbed a dinghy which imparted the scuba tanks to explore. MUCH nicer than having Trevors anemic lung capacity fail on me so fast. Franklin is much better suited, at the start of the game, for the dive sans tank.)

  • stacker069

    Can I buy cars and where.?, can anyone help? ??!

  • Omar

    I always give back gags and wallets and bikes..why you ask?? One guy got me in bawsak over 120,000 because i got back his bike. I got a lady that i gave back her purse and her hubby put me down for 230,000 in debonaire same company lester sets me up when i play as franklin. And of course epsilon with mike. Lol. Give them everything. And kill them in the last mission and keep their car it will be 2.1 million.

  • Lupus2008 .

    There is a 25.000 further down the cost on top of a Sunken sub which is better to do it on

  • SirKevinBacon

    There’s another which gives $25,000 and is way easier to get to. Go into your map, look for the amunation just north of Del Pero Pier, zoom out as far as you can go and line the horizontal part of your crosshairs with amunation. If you are zoomed all the way out then simply put the right hand side point of the crosshairs on amunation and the center will be more or less the exact spot you’re looking for.

  • bleh

    One thing really missing was the massive car lists that you have to go out and steal to complete (hence the name, “Grand Theft Auto”). This game should have been titled “Grand Larceny 1”. Fun game, but I wanted to see more car theft as part of the storyline.

  • Gio.A.

    I did the gold mission and my money didn’t save 🙁 has anyone had this problem as well? Everyone got like 2 million or something like that but the money never saved. Beat!

  • ‘S’

    Complete the game after choosing option C, all 3 characters get over $28 million each.

  • Vince

    SP kind of pisses me off though because money is really hard to come by in the game. You will never make enough to buy the expensive properties. Upgrading cars is pointless because they will disappear in the game if you use them and park them somewhere. You cant perform your own personal heists, only the 6 heists that are available in the story mode.

    It seems like to me that Rockstar kept a lot of good things that they advertised out of SP. I just hope that add patches to the game and/or make GTA Online with more freedom to pull jobs and make money.

  • Santy

    Its been patched theres guns there instead :/ gayy!!!

  • Norm

    Im no doing something right, cant sell bloody cars and the shipwreck money briefcases aren’t there

  • Bossman

    I tried it and got killed by a shark 🙂

    • whitejackman SML

      Such a shame on u LOL

  • Kade Buller

    If you go to the hidden package location that’s located along the upper coast of Vespucci Beach it contains $25,000 which is the largest hidden package. Can easily net $500k-1m in 30 minutes.

  • Shawn Casey

    I wonder if Grand Theft Auto 5 had anime scene with car wash babes splashing water on themselves? 😀

    • Olga

      That is the best way to be rich and unlimited wealth for an hot chick!

  • Shruti

    hi there! very good tutorial

  • shruti

    it really amazing to get money while playing your fav games, good article. i have read such article which describes about gaming websites

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