An interview with Cliff Bleszinski

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Cliff Bezinski

D-Pad magazine has managed to land an interview with Cliff Bleszinski and while most of it seems a little to pre-scripted for me it is still an interesting read none the less.

With the release of Gears 2 coming in just over a month I expect we are about to see a lot more of Cliffy B sorry Cliff Bleszinski as he starts getting pimped out to the highest bidder.

I was about to say he is the first real celebrity in the gaming industry but that isn’t really true, Peter M from Fable 2 is up there as is Jacky T the insane lawyer and Peter M the tattooed executive…

Okay so the nick name thing only seems to work with a few of them… I like Jacky T…

Here go read the magazine while I go think of more nick names for computer gaming folk

Interview by D-Pad

… You think I can be called Lazy G from now on?

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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