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An update on our legal woes

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Except you, you're not awesome Colin

So early last week I posted an article regarding the General Secretary of the MSSA, Colin Webster. While 99% of the article has not been disputed I did inadvertently get one fact wrong. A fact that Colin feels has unfairly painted him in a bad light.

A few days after the article, I was served with a warning and then subsequently Colin Webster was able to get an interdict against me and I have been forced to pull down the two articles until such time that I can appear in court before a judge to argue my rights to post the article. This point irritates me as I wasn’t given a chance to defend myself before being forced to take the articles down.

Please note this legal action is being brought on by Colin Webster in his personal capacity and not by the MSSA.

Anyway my court day is the 18th of March so at least it’s not very far away but unfortunately going to court is an extremely expensive affair.

I’ve taken my case to Dario Milo who is a partner over at Webber Wentzel. Dario’s thesis while studying for his PhD was the reason I chose him

His thesis examined privacy, reputation and freedom of the media in the context of the law of defamation and privacy, with particular emphasis on South African, English and US law.

I feel I am in great hands and am confident we will have this ruling overturned, hopefully with costs. However, when costs are awarded the end result is normally that only around 30% of the costs are returned – I will lose money even if I am judged to be 100% innocent. Again, this is something that just feels unfair.

I mentioned this in a private Facebook post to friends. A few members of the industry quickly got in touch and offered to help out a bit, and that’s where this post comes from.

Unfortunately Lazygamer.net is not rolling in the cash and I have a family to look after while working a separate full-time job, so I’m coming to you bowl in hand to ask if you would be able to help out in any way.

The deposit placed with the lawyers is R20k but going into court could easily triple that cost. If I could match my personal deposit with contributions from the community it would make my life infinitely easier.

If you are willing and able to contribute financially in any way you can submit funds to the following account

Gavin Mannion
Account Number: 62459882413
Branch Code: 255955

This is a brand new savings account that has no costs and 100% of the money will be going towards the legal fund.

Subsequent to the court case being over, any left over funds will be utilised to promote and support eSports in South Africa. We have a range of ideas for this that we look forward to sharing with you all as soon as our legal constraints are behind us.

If you are interested in only supporting the court case then that is absolutely no problem and I will be more than happy to refund the percentage of your donation not used. For example if you donate R1000 and we only use 10% of the fund I’ll return R900.

Any help you can provide would be fantastic and I will keep you updated as to the progress of the case as much as I legally can. Oh, and please use your name as a reference or else I will struggle to get your money back to you if required

For our International friends I also have a PayPal account that can be used if you prefer that option?

Last Updated: February 26, 2014

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