An XCOM strategy game is coming

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At E3 in 2010 it was announced that a new XCOM was in the works and while the game looked intriguing it wasn’t a universally happy moment for XCOM fans as the new XCOM title was a FPS instead of a strategy game.

For the last 18 months we’ve been told that the game is going to be awesome and will be a true representation of the XCOM universe but the doubters haven’t gone away and they have now got their way. An XCOM strategy game is in development.

The new game entitled XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the exact same name as the first XCOM title ever made but 2K Games has already confirmed that the game will follow a different story line and is being described as a re-imagined version of the original.

The game will feature a strategic view, destructible environments and turn based combat which instantly makes it sound a lot more like the original title and far less like the FPS version that apparently will still be making an outing this year in March while the strategy game will be out in the Spring.

I’m very surprised to hear that 2 titles from the same franchise are being released in the same year with very different styles, risky move by 2K Games or genius marketing strategy to ensure no one feels left out?

Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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