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And now Philips is suing Nintendo

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Nintendo really can’t catch a break at the moment what with the sales of their Nintendo Wii-U pretty much non-existent and the software sales on the 3DS not keeping up thanks to rampant piracy.

And now to pour more petrol on the fire it looks like Nintendo are being taken back to court –  this time by Phillips.

When I think of Philips I think of toasters and kettles but apparently they make a wide range of technology items and hold a number of patents. One specific patent is described as a “User Interface System Based on Pointing Device” and the other one in the case is for “Virtual Body Control Device”.

Both of which sound so incredibly wide ranging that Sony, Microsoft and Samsung should all worry about their gesture controls. But they’ve started out by going after Nintendo for all their controllers by claiming that they informed Nintendo of this patent in 2011 and were subsequently ignored.

As with all patent cases it is impossible to really say if Philips has a case here until all the technical details are put forward by the lawyers but if the court decides the patent is valid then Nintendo could be looking at a massive lawsuit that would cover the sales of all Nintendo home consoles.

I’m sure Sony and Microsoft are watching the case closely and are hoping for a Nintendo win.

The full court document can be found below.

Koninklijke Philips N.V. et. al. v. Nintendo et. al. by PriorSmart

Last Updated: May 15, 2014

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