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portolgta It looks like the holiday video game season is here, and Microsoft isn’t taking it lightly. As if we won’t have enough to spend our money on in the next few weeks, Xbox Live is getting 2 really awesome games.

Portal: Still Alive is essentially a standalone version of the hit title bundled in Valve’s Orange Box but with some added bonuses. The Xbox Live Arcade version will include the original game plus 14 extra challenge maps and six advanced maps for your extended enjoyment. The game will become available for download on Wednesday, October 22.

Before that though, Xbox Live subscribers will be treated to an old favorite that once turned the term “hot coffee” into dirty sexual innuendo. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will join the Xbox Originals lineup to remind you what GTA was like before impressive physics and online multiplayer were introduced. It was a simpler time, when a man could let his character eat enough fast food to turn into a waddling mass of gangsta flesh. Also, bicycles! GTA:SA will be hitting Xbox Live on October 20.

I’ve never tried downloading an Xbox original in SA so i don’t know whether you will be greeted with the “not available in your location” message or not, but honestly you could probably find Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas second hand somewhere for less than the download would cost you in cap. As for Portal, if you haven’t played it, there’s no better time, it may be short but it’s awesome.

Last Updated: October 17, 2008

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