And the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 winners are…

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Ok, it might not be the best game in the universe, but it does run on CryEngine 3 and allows you to put bullets in people’s faces, so that’s something. Thanks to the delightful people at Apex Interactive we have 3 copies of the game to give away. the three people who’ll soon be killing other people from a distance are…


One very large Ryan Preston, who wins the Xbox 360 copy! Hooray for Ryan!


The PS3 winner is one of those things you pick up from Steers when you’re broke and/or drunk, Raveburger!

The much nicer PC copy of the game will soon be in the hands of Piesang, or perhaps there’ll be a piesang in the hands of…what were we talking about again?


Congrats to all three of you, we’ll be in contact with you soon to get your delivery details.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013

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