Home Gaming And the winner of the BT Games Diablo 3 Steel Series hamper is…

And the winner of the BT Games Diablo 3 Steel Series hamper is…

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Lost in a hot desert in Diablo 3, and there's a resist cold shrine. That's just cruel.

Last week, the local gaming public descended in massive numbers for the launch of Diablo 3. Shops were crowded, and gamers were cold, but the wait was totally worth the Error 37s that followed afterwards.

BT Games had a sell-out crowd, with hundreds of consumers picking up their copy of the game that night. And if you were at one of several special BT Games shops, you would have also snatched yourself a ticket, which would have made you eligible to win some fantastic Diablo 3 branded goodies.

And the lucky ticket that won is…

Ticket number LAZYxxx0651btg (The three digits blanked out are for security verification). If you happen to be holding a ticket with ending with “0651btg”, then send an email with your complete raffle number on to the following BT Games email address, and they’ll verify whether yours was the winning entry.

As for the rest of you, here’s a look at what the winner is getting, so that you can bite your fists in a fit of extreme jealousy.



Well done to the winner, and as for the rest of you, once again, better luck next time. Stay tuned for more competitions.

Last Updated: May 21, 2012

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