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I love February, not only because it’s the month I was born in, but because it’s a month welcomed with open arms and legs after the horrible, flesh- and wallet eating month that is January. There’s also this silly day, called “Valentines Day” somewhere in there that consumes your hard earned cash if you didn’t apply any skill points in the “intelligence” skill tree when you levelled up the last time. Although you’ll need to have high “agility” stats to dodge the objects your significant other would have thrown at you, should you have decided not to follow the ritual. But enough ramblings, on to more important matters. Matters of men and balls and grass and beer and swearing at your TV.

By guest writer Erwinn “Erwinning” Kempff

Super Rugby 2013 is in full swing, and there has been many up and down position shifts in our official Superbru pool since the inception. If you haven’t joined up, you can do so right here and while there you can go read up on the awesome prizes we have in store. And by awesome I mean especially legendary for a certain someone who will occupy the last spot.

We will be doing a random draw once a month for a video game on a platform of your choice. And the winner for February is:

random winner

Johann is currently sitting in 54th place with a 19 place jump upwards since the previous week, so well done on both accounts! Johann will be getting a copy of Tomb Raider on the platform of his choice. Congratulations Johann  Kuhne aka “VoodooC”, now all you have to do is email your full name, contact number, platform of choice and delivery address to [email protected]

Big thanks to Megarom Interactive for the prizes, sponsorship and general winning attitude to the gaming community.

Last Updated: March 5, 2013

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