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Another chance to try out Dark Souls II beta

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Dark souls you died

I’ve got to say, I thought the Dark Souls II beta looked pretty good. It ran well and worked the way a beta should – it was like the real game. I thought that would be our last opportunity for a while, but you can jump in again this weekend.

Much like last time, the window of opportunity is small: 7-10am GMT. That means you’ll have to wake up early on Sunday to get some hands on time with lots of death. It is a worldwide server test, aiming to put stress on the system to avoid all those online flops we’ve come to know and hate.

Due to the small timeframe in which you will have to play, I suggest that you download the beta in advance (those of you with PS+ accounts), and check for any possible updates. Also, due to the early morning start on a Sunday, you may want to schedule your coffee pot to turn on automatically, and get a loved one to bring you food. Finally, prepare to die.

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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