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Those guys at GoG know just what gamers like to hear. Every so often, they come out with yet another reminder that none of their games have DRM and never will have any, either. They’ve also given away a bunch of free games, and now they’re doing it again!

To celebrate launching their first store localization, is celebrating with a French promo. You can see the full line up here for games that you can grab for cheap this weekend. However, there is something even better than a selection of cheap games – a free one!

GoG is giving away “Little Big Adventure” absolutely free. The offer is only running for 24 hours, though, so there isn’t much time remaining. Head on over to and pick up your copy for absolutely zero money.

I really love that GoG keeps doing this. They are such a cool bunch and have some really excellent games available. Unfortunately, I still prefer playing with chat, achievements and just the general convenience of having all my games in one place. Yes, I know that I can add non-Steam games to the Steam launcher, but it just seems strange for me. I hope that the GoG launcher does well – it is promising to link all the things and might just make me use more of the game that I want to buy on that platform. I want to support Good Old Game, but I still like to play games my way.

With so many free games being given out lately, how is your backlog looking? Will you December holiday be full of gaming for almost no money?

Last Updated: November 7, 2014

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