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Another large Modern Warfare patch is out today, but it doesn’t really change much

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Maybe I’m just old fashioned but when I think of 15GB, I can envision an entire game fitting into that number. To put figure into context, I’m busy downloading XCOM: Chimera Squad as I write this and that’s only 14GB. So I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that 15GB is a lot of data. Yet according to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, 15GB seems to the rough standard for most patches that most players are required to download. Infinity Ward has announced in a blog post that the latest update for the game, which is scheduled to drop this evening, is a 15GB download for PS4 and Xbox One players and will likely be a touch more for anyone on PC.


So what’s included in those 15 gigabytes? Well, not much going on what the blog post has to say. This latest patch is fixing some bugs and…adds a playlist update. Oh, there’s also an Obsidian Camo skin to grind for and the ability to “mix and match blueprint weapon attachments to your heart’s content, even on another blueprint weapon…”, reads the blog.

I don’t know that doesn’t really seem like a lot given the size of the update but maybe there’s some sort of background future groundwork that’s being laid? Who can say, but things become even more complicated when you discover this update will require a “data pack download”.

Once you install the patch and select a mode, (multiplayer, campaign, Special Operations, etc.), you will be brought to a game install menu. Here, you’ll need to download Data Pack 1 from this menu. Once the download is complete, you will need to hard close and reopen the game application.

So it’s a few hoops to jump through if you want to stay updated in the world of Modern Warfare but it’s not like players have a choice, right? Still a great game that offers a lot of variety across its game modes but I just wish I didn’t have to consider flushing all my Steam games just so I can keep Call of Duty installed.

Last Updated: April 28, 2020

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  1. Pixelated Gambit

    April 28, 2020 at 13:42

    This game’s file size continues to baffle and amaze me.


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