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Another underwhelming month of Games with Gold

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Both Sony’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection and Microsoft’s Games for Gold offer free games to users as a reward of sorts for paying the monthly subscription. And each of them wavers. PlayStation’s Plus’ IGC started off strong, offering – at the time – new games like Hitman Absolution. Since then, we’ve seen the quality of games plummet until last year, when we got retail games like Injustice and the rather good Infamous: First Light. The expectation was that this year, Microsoft’s Games with Gold would up its proverbial game. It hasn’t.

Let’s be blunt: February’s Games with Gold are a little underwhelming. Here’s what subscribers are in for next month.


Xbox One owners will be treated to the bizarre indie game, It Draws a Red Box, otherwise known as #IDARB. It’s a strange, rather dynamic throwback platformer-cum-sports game that was built off of Twitter suggestions, it’s slightly mental, and makes for a great drunken party game.


Xbox 360 owners who haven’t already played StarBreeze’s excellent, emotional adventure Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are in for next month’s very best game – which, incidentally, was part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection last year.


The last game, available to Xbox 360 owners in the second half of the month is the stealthy sniping shooter Sniper Elite V2, which is essentially a bit of unfulfilling, grim and gratuitous gore porn.

The whole selection is a little underwhelming. Though we don’t know what Sony’s PlayStation Plus games this month will be, hopefully they maintain last year’s late momentum, and deliver a handful of games that make people happy to be subscribers.

Last Updated: January 29, 2015

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