Any none fanboy sites think the PS3 is going to win at Christmas?

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Okay after posting the Yahoo video yesterday I decided to go on a little scouting trip to see if I could find a differing opinion. Basically a good opinion on why the PS3 can beat the 360 this holiday season.

I have found a few sites proclaiming that the PS3 will come first in this generation but unfortunately the stories are littered with sentences like

“The console has also taken gaming to new heights with some of the most advanced games in the market, both graphically and story wise” (PS3Addiction)

While that sounds great it doesn’t really have any backing. The PS3 is yet to show any of us that it can create better graphics than the Xbox 360.

What suprises me about all of this is that the PS3 has been selling very well and does have a decent chance of outselling the 360 this season… but none of the larger sites or analysts believes that it has a chance.

I can see why the PS3 fans often think their black box is picked on.

Last Updated: September 22, 2008

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