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Apex Legends could add solo and duos mode in the future

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Apex Legends: Just another battle royale game, right? Not exactly. Respawn Entertainment’s surprise announcement and game has already proven itself to be more than just a wham bam chicken dinner to go please m’am game, thanks in part to one key factor: How it handles teamwork. Knowing that sometimes people don’t want to have a headset on to listen to a random Russian asking them for state secrets, Apex Legends manages to balance its terribly-named game with some intuitive yet brilliant communication ideas.

Which means that no matter the language, the barrier for marking, drawing attention to and digital high-fiving is pretty much non-existent. Combined with Respawn’s meaty gunplay, a decently-sized map and a stable server, and Apex Legends is the team-based battle royale to play right now. Then again, some people want to lone wolf their way across Apex Legends and that’s just fine. More power to you.

Or more in-game code to you, as a little bit of digging by Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR managed to scrounge up some details that indicates that Solo and two-man squads are on the way to Apex Legends:

Don’t get too excited though. While ShiinaBR has a solid track record, Respawn has yet to officially confirm any additional gameplay modes. If they are coming, they’ll still be a while out as the game finds its footing and establishes a regular playerbase first and foremost. Even with such modes announced, why would you even want them?

Beyond solo bragging rights, Apex Legends works best as a more violent remake of Three’s Company, hitting a sweet spot of glory kills and teamwork. Apex Legends is out right now, and so far a free to play battle royale game designed by a triple-A studio has managed to prove itself quite popular. Go figure.

Last Updated: February 11, 2019

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