App Store rakes in $10 billion in 2013

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Mobile gaming is huge. I think we sometimes forget just how many people play games on their phones, and fork out big money for the privilege of doing so. Apple has revealed that 2013 was their best ever year for the App Store, raking in a lot of money, usually $1 at a time.

Apple has announced that in 2013, customers spent $10 billion – $1 billion of which was just spent in December. During the announcement, they did a shout out to some of the biggest hits of the year: Heads Up, Impossible Road, Candy Crush Saga, Puzzles and Dragons, Minecraft, QuizUp and Clumsy Ninja. Wow, Minecraft really is everywhere!

It’s really not surprising – Mojang is reporting that the pocket edition of Minecraft sold 5 899 727 copies across Android and iOS in 2013. That’s a lot of blocks. Considering that the Pocket Edition is going for R56.99 on the local store, it’s not surprising that they’re helping Apple bring home the bacon. Or is it pork chops in Minecraft?

Candy Crush addicts understand the appeal. For those who are still wondering what all the fuss is about, stay away! Once you start Candy Crush, you can’t stop. I’ve tried. I suppose all the whales (like Gavin’s wife) are responsible for the massive income on this otherwise free app. That’s right, you can download Candy Crush Saga on your iOS device for free. I’ve avoided this thus far – I only play on Facebook to minimize my temptation.

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I haven’t bought much on the app store, to be honest. I’m not an app-aholic, although I did download the free and awesome Star Wars game, Tiny Death Star for free. I already have so many games to play between my consoles, Steam and handheld backlogs – do I really need to add iOS games to the mix? Oh who am I kidding? Of course I need more games.

What apps did you download in 2013?

Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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