Apple removes “free to play” label from games

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App stores are landmine territory for less savvy online surfers and slightly lazy parents. It’s very easy to download apps and games that have the word “free” plastered next to them, even if they require a lot out of your pocket to actually work as intended. This is especially true for free-to-play games, which have hidden behind the “free “sticker on mobile since the very beginning. That’s thankfully not the case anymore.

The act of labelling not-so-free games as actually being free has been baffling consumers everywhere. Android already changed their stance on the matter a few months ago, but it has taken Apple a little while longer. After pressure for nearly the whole of the EU, the Federal Trade Commission and even South Park, Apple has altered the labelling of free-to-play games – meaning the App Store just lots a ton of free apps.

Instead of free, games and apps that require additional funding now have a ‘Get’ button next to them instead.



That’s still incredibly confusing since the apps are still listed under the store’s free section, but at least there’s a discernible difference between these and actual free games now. I’m pretty sure Apple wishes that people would get on-board with their little plus program, which is still the easiest way to see if a game wants to bleed you dry from a glance.

Still, this should help all the nagging parents who have lost thousands because they were to lazy to make sure their kids weren’t blowing it all away unknowingly. Is it really that difficult to make sure that doesn’t happen?

Last Updated: November 20, 2014

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