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Apple to offset the cost of expensive 5G tech by reducing battery costs

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Apple recently became the world’s first company to be valued at over $2 trillion, which is an absolutely insane amount of money when you try and wrap your head around it. The truth is though that you don’t get to be that big by focusing on great tech, customer service and innovation alone. No, you rake in all the cash by ensuring that you can make massive profits wherever possible, and this is something that Apple certainly prioritizes.

To ensure that they keep making big profits out of their upcoming iPhones, a new rumour is doing the rounds from analyst Ming-chi Kuo (via MacRumors) that the company is looking to offset the higher costs of 5G technology by reducing the costs of battery production for its iPhone 12 models. The report claims that Apple is reducing the number of layers in the battery board and placing cell components in a smaller area to provide these reductions on the battery front.

All these changes will reportedly result in a battery board that is around 40 percent cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 11 board. It’s not clear if these changes will reduce the actual utilization of these batteries or what other effects it may have on them. Let’s hope these cost reductions don’t create any safety risks like Samsung’s infamous battery meltdown issues from a few years ago.

Apple is also reportedly interested in utilizing these same trimmings to reduce the cost of batteries on the third-generation AirPods as well, which are one of Apple’s most profitable hardware products currently. If you think these changes will reduce the costs of future Apple devices, don’t get too excited, as Apple knows how to ensure people pay premium costs for their hardware.

After all, its all about profit.

Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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