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Apple places the focus on interoperability for its new macOS Monterey

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Along with making changes to its big mobile operating systems, Apple also makes annual changes to its core Mac software which this year will go under the codename of Monterey, in keeping with the California location-based theme it’s had since 2013, rather than taking the number approach it does with its other operating systems.

The company understands though that its Macs and Macbooks are often the core of a person’s interoperability experience in how they work across the apple ecosystem and as such, interoperability is the name of the game for its new update, which includes the ability to share a keyboard and mouse between a Mac and an iPad, making drag and drop between two devices, far more seamless than t has ever been before, as shown in this short video:


Macs will also be getting the ability to act as an Airplay target, allowing users to use their Mac’s screen and speakers to play content from your iPhone and iPad, or even another Mac. And with Apple announcing the likes of Siri coming to more 3rd-party products, having a central point of interaction across your many connected devices will become increasingly important.

Apple has also announced that a new Shortcuts automation application will be coming, which will allow people to build shortcuts of their own for commonly performed tasks that can then be activated by a quick shortcut, the menu bar or even Siri. Just a pity Apple hasn’t made a coffee machine yet, otherwise, it would be fun waking up, telling Siri to make my coffee and have it ready by the time I get to the kitchen. Yes, we are definitely getting increasingly lazy as a species.

Safari will also be getting a small redesign, with the tabs and address bar all moving up into the same space, and the tabs getting a new, floating look similar to Firefox. Apple has also introduced tab groups to the browser, which can be shared with other devices and allowing for a more seamless browsing experience across all your devices.

It might come across as all minor enhancements at a UI level, but importantly, this is the first new MacOS since Apple announced its new M1-powered devices, and so we can expect an incredible amount of optimisations as they customise the software to work more tightly with the new processors and achieve a higher level of efficiency than other companies are likely to extract out of their hardware, which should easily make this the fastest OS on the market if it all comes together.

Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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