April NPD = PS3’s abject failure

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April NPD = PS3’s abject failure 2

So you think the headline is a bit harsh and just here to stir up tension?

Well you may be right but it’s justified at the same time, the April NPD figures have just been released and it’s becoming abundantly clear to even the most hardcore Sony fan that the PS3 is not going to make it in America without a drastic change of direction.

How bad was it? Well the PS3’s sales were the lowest since before the release of the 40GB model in in October 2007, or in simple lay-mans terms, it’s worst showing in 18 months.

Even more embarrassing for Sony is that their age old PS2 outsold the PS3 by 45 000 units after that recent price drop. Or to stoke those embers some more, the PS2 outsold the PS3 by 45%…

But fear not Sony fans you can point to the entire grouping of Sony products as proof that they are still doing well. So lets add up 127k for the PS3, 172k for the PS2 and 116k for the PSP and we get 415 000 units a mere 965 000 less than Nintendo’s two consoles combined.

If it makes you feel any better the Xbox 360 tanked as well, it only outsold the PS3 by 48 000 units and the PS2 by 3 000 units.

The PS3 did also have 1 title on the top 10 software lists, The Godfather II sold 91 000 units on the PS3… just 64 000 behind the Xbox 360 version of the same game.

We just have enough time to throw one last stone at the PS3,  the statistics show that the cheaper version of the PS3 outsold it’s expensive flatmate by an average of 9 to 1.. showing that consumers actually really do want a price cut instead of getting a second job. Who would have guessed.

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Last Updated: May 20, 2009

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