Are gamers ready for World War II again?

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Though it really started with conqueror and Wolfenstein 3D, a couple of years back after the explosive success of games like Medal of Honour and Call of Duty the world became inundated with World War II themed games. First and third person shooters, flight simulators, real-time strategy games and even sneaky-stabby stealth games all had that World War II flavour – until gamers got bored of the setting.

According to Rebellion’s Steve Hart – producer of Sniper Elite V2 – gamers are tiring of all that Modern warfare and are ready to take fight on historical battlefields once more.

“…I think the market is ready for World War Two,” he told Gamerzines.  “You’ve seen the extra press the likes of Red Orchestra 2 have gotten because all of a sudden WW2 is a breath of fresh air whereas modern conflicts perhaps aren’t."

Why then, did developers move away from games based on real-life battles past?

"I wouldn’t say developers moved on, instead they gave it the respect it needed and said ‘Right, we’ve done that to death, let’s go look at something else.’ It just so happens that our timing for a World War Two game is better than others out there, and gamers are ready for that now. Even better for us is that we’re coming out before perhaps another Call of Duty set during World War Two, as I’m sure we’ll be seeing another one of those at some point."

I’m not entirely sure that I’m ready for World War 2 again, but I must say that at some point while I was playing through one of last year’s big shooter’s single player campaigns, I started yearning for something based on historical reality. The non-stop Michael Baysian action begins to wear a little thin when there’s nothing in the way of pacing. What do you think? Are you ready to shoot at nameless, faceless Nazis again or do you prefer nameless, faceless Russians and Arabs to stop your gung-ho bullets?

Last Updated: January 25, 2012

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