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Are girls the reason girls are not accepted in gaming?

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I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of hate from certain members in the gaming community and certain readers of the fairer, and more awesome, sex with my opinions around girl gamers and the need to actively include them and protect them in the industry.

[Warning this editorial turned into a random rant instead]

My opinion is very straight forward really. Females are equal to men and I would never look down on a colleague, competitor, acquaintance or stranger simply because they are genetically different to me or feel the need to protect them because they may be offended by what we have to say.

We’re all adults here and we all have equal rights so I don’t feel anything needs to be changed from an industry point of view to allow females to be more comfortable.

But that’s not what this rant is about, no this rant is more accusatory as I feel a lot of the problems women experience in the gaming industry is being created by their fellow gender.

Over the last few weeks I have read countless postings about “How to spot a fake gamer girl/geek”,  or an expose on the different types of girl gamers that exist and how to tell them apart.

Generally the editorials run along the lines of, if she’s pretty or flirty she’s just attention seeking, if she just plays Call of Duty then she’s not really a gamer or if you can’t name all the consoles since the NES she’s just trying to be included in the cool crowd of geeks.

Guys don’t do this.. we don’t care if you like games because you like getting the attention of the gaming males, we don’t care if you only enjoy playing one game or that you may not be a hard core gamer. We really really don’t. It makes no difference in our lives and it shouldn’t make any difference in yours or anyone else’s for that matter.

I know gamers who are professional MMA fighters, gays, drunks and professional athletes. They are all real gamers because they enjoy playing games and it doesn’t go any deeper than that.

Stop bitching about each other and trying to either one up or undermine others in the community and then maybe you will stop feeling like you are treated like outsiders.

To round off.. that header image showcases two real girl gamers. They are both female and they both play games for fun… that’s all it takes to be welcomed into our community.

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Last Updated: December 19, 2012

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