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Are Microsoft back peddling on their announcements?

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It’s abundantly clear that the majority of gamers out there are upset about the perceived lack of used games and the ability to swap games on the upcoming Xbox One. So much so that you killed our server yesterday and the local Microsoft reps have been inundated with complaints.

But surely Microsoft must have seen this coming? They are a multi billion dollar corporation that doesn’t do anything officially without it going through a 100 board meetings and PR checks.

So how have they miss stepped so badly on this one?

One possibility is that they are so used to sitting in their ivory tower that they’ve completely forgotten that every country or town isn’t as well connected and affluent as Seattle Washington. There are a ton of towns in America that struggle to receive a solid Internet connection and there is a large swathe of the USA that is poverty struck.

Let’s not even talk about the thousands of people who play games on oil rigs, mines, research labs and the rest where Internet is simply not a possibility. Hey what about the great military men they love so much?

No I just can’t believe they didn’t think of any of these people and rather have used the Xbox One announcement as a way to gauge the waters for future DRM options with out any intention of imposing them onto this generation.

And the latest announcements out of Seattle appear to show that Microsoft aren’t steadfast in the ideas yet. Major Nelson tweeted last night

We are months away from the launch of #XboxOne & policy decisions are still being finalized. When they are, we will let you know.

And then he appeared on a live chat with Yahoo and when asked about the requirement for an Internet connection he was less than forthcoming around times or ability.

No. It does not have to be always connected but it does require an internet connection.  

E3 is only 18 days away and we have been promised by all and sundry that all the answers will be revealed then.

So should we give them a pass until E3? Hell no, I refuse to be played by a marketing / PR department. They screwed up and deserve the full feedback we have to offer. But please people I’ve seen personal insults at these guys, that’s really unnecessary.

Also let’s not forget that Sony hasn’t revealed their used game policy, hell we may all end up as Nintendo Wii-U players before this year’s out.

Last Updated: May 23, 2013

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