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Are these the first screenshots from the Wii 2?

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Why yes it is a slow news day what made you ask that?

Oh the fact that we are posting up possible rumoured screenshots from the Wii 2 with very little backing or believability about them… that would be it.

According to the site, Gameolosophy the below two screenshots have been leaked to them from anonymous insiders and while they look really good I am very hesitant to believe they are true as we don’t have the larger images to inspect and why would someone go through the effort of copying the screenshots onto a black background with the title when they could have just titled the image itself?


Also don’t they just look like normal photo’s with gaming objects pasted onto them?

So are these 100% fake or can we expect these sort of graphics from the Wii 2?

Last Updated: May 11, 2011

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