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Are these the new Nintendo controllers?

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It’s not often that anything related to the gaming industry comes out of 4chan but if these images are to be believed, and they do look real, then someone at 4chan has some inside contacts and have posted up what the new Nintendo controllers are going to look like.

And since they are almost identical to the mock ups shown by IGN and others I think we can start saying these are pretty accurate.


As you can see on the right we have a picture of the new Nintendo console on top which looks similar enough to the current Wii to be believed.

And then next to that and under that we can see the 4 Project Cafe controllers that each have their own mini screen, staggered dual analogue sticks, a D-Pad and 4 main buttons.

What really intrigues me is the writing in the middle block which is alluding to 4 people playing splitscreen racing (think Mario Kart) and then each players view is then beamed directly onto their controller.

That’s an instant win idea for me as I do enjoy gaming with the family and yet have a loathing for any split screen games.

It also states that the main 1080p image is being split which confirms our previous rumours that the next Wii will be HD, which means you’re only going to need one console to play Call of Duty and Mario with.

I’m still not sold on Nintendo going HD and I am worried that they’ll misstep when trying to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Sony in the home entertainment space.

But I’m not brave enough to write them out of it yet, not after what they did with the Nintendo Wii after all.

Source: Technobuffalo

Last Updated: April 21, 2011

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